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Post-Ecology Pods PE2100

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2021 Submission for Redesign the World Competition (Dezeen and Twinmotion).


With help from Morgan (text) and Anne (text editing and voice over) !

Though no sound was allowed, we created two 30 second sound components.  Morgan created some great sound and Anne a great voice component!

Requirements were to submit a 30 second Video, One Image both created using Twinmotion and 500 word text summarizing a reimagined world. We of course challenged the presumption that imagining a techno-capitalist future where everyone is satisfied and content is possible or even worth considering given the destructive effects human caused climate change is impacting the planet. The projects premises seemed to suggest escapism to a digital world, forgetting real space, neglecting and fearful of confronting what is the real issue that should be focused on. Hence our submission is somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Alluding to the Crisis, Avoiding Earth, swapping it for a new one. The future some think is actually desirable. Extremely Concerning. 



//Text Submission 

For all of human history, the environment (created specifically) for human life was created through interconnected ecosystems. However, in the 21st century, these systems are under profound threat and have been undermined by destructive human activity. And as the climate tips further toward uninhabitability—biodiversity loss, decline of pollinators, climatic instability, soil erosion and the loss of microbial life—traditional ways of living will become increasingly obsolete, but never fear!...

The P-E.2100 Project is a radical new paradigm for avoiding human extinction. We, the Intergovernmental Producer of Closed Climate Containers (IPCCC) have provided the global proliferation of self-contained micro-habitats. Harnessing the power of TECHNOLOGY to create cybernetic environments for human flourishing. Around the world, a million P-E Pods! The P-E.2100 micro-globe transcends the threats of ecosystem collapse entirely! W

The IPCCC is wholly directed towards creating micro-environmental containers acutely tailored towards human wellbeing, towards the creation of a world far beyond the crude machinations of nature. The P-E.2100 is a radically streamlined system in which these needs are met with greatest efficiency; that is, a minimum of non-human species. Techno-systems replace the antiquated need for reliance on ecosystem services for the provision of clean air, water, and food, and automated systems radically reduce the necessary amount of human labour.


The container is a materially-closed system with solar radiation for energy being its only external input. Nutrient cycling is an automated process which occurs primarily through technological systems. Aeroponic agriculture consisting of modified, non-pollinated crops make redundant soil, insects, and even climatic stability as artificial lighting creates a consistent environment for growth. CO2 is reformulated into oxygen through artificial carbon assimilation and biological waste is artificially decomposed to re-cycle nutrients into the food system. The sphere itself is fortified against the elements and is unaffected by environmental threats and natural disasters. It is elevated, stabilized, and its immense energy capture and storage capacity allows for extended periods without solar radiation. It is transcendent.

Due to the limited size capacity and the immense complexity of the techno-processes of the sphere, significant space is dedicated to these systems. However, the loss in physical space for its inhabitants is more than compensated for by the inclusion of virtual reality systems. This technology gives inhabitants access to pristine and beautiful worlds, and allows for global connection between containers through hyperreal metaverse connectivity.

The P-E.2100 project is a revolutionary paradigm for human life in the 21st century. No longer must civilization be trapped inside of, and forced to rely on, global webs of life. Within the sphere, prosperity is wholly human. It is by, and for, its inhabitants, and through its complex cybernetic systems of life, ascends above the outside world entirely.

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